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Cenicon Software is a lead development company, experienced on mobile platforms providing reliable, adaptable mobile business solutions on IOS and Android Platforms. We offer everything from small casual games to complex structure projects..
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Custom UI Polished Look

Cenicon offers you full custom user interfaces for your application for better end user experience. With our Design and Development team we create most extraordinary software templates for your business to get more attraction
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Maintenance & Support

Cenicon Mobile firmly believes in mentoring and growing with our customers. As a result we offer a full range of maintenance once their mobile app has been developed to allow for improvement and enhancement
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With our brand new Iphone Application for our company we have increased our sales and customer satisfaction past 10 months. It is absolute that CENICON has a big percentage of contribution in this success.

John Whiterock, CEO DIAGRAMA inc
Thank you for the excellent development process and support with my brand new Iphone Application for my website. I am sure my visitors will like it. Thank you CENICON
George BRAMSON, APP Reviews Blogger

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Our Services

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App Development

Cenicon builds up mobile apps to your specs while you focus on your business. Tell us a little about your app, and we’ll get right back to you.  

Mobile UI Design

We create polished user interfaces and icons for your application, full custom interfaces for more simplistic and satisfied  end user experience.


We create complicated app  in short time periods with our high capacity server structure and support we offer you one of the highest performance services for your application


Dream Apps

Do you have an idea on your mind? Share it with us, we contact you with suitable offers. Just Dream WE DEVELOP IT !

Everything you desire!

Cenicon creates quality mobile applications for your business. A young innovative, experienced and creative team of developers will determine your and your business needs   .

Maintance & Support

Cenicon Mobile firmly believes in monitoring and growing with our customers. As a result we offer a full range of maintenance once their mobile app.